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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  September 9, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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-- we have team coverage tonight. will have the commissioner's response in a moment. we begin with ken and those first comments from the 49ers ceo. >> many people have criticized vied york for leaving his general manager and coach to answer questions about how the team handled the arrest of mcdonald. today york spoke out. >> if you feel like i should have come out that's fair. i'm here today and i don't think it would have changed anything that we have done. >> 49ers ceo york appearing this morning repeated what his general manager and coach previously said. they want due process in the legal system before taking ray mcdonald off the field. >> i will not punish somebody until we see evidence that it should be done, where before an entire organization, an entire legal police investigation shows us something. >> do you have anything to say to your fans?
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>> police arrested mcdonald at his home following accusations of of domestic violence. prosecutors haven't decided yet whether to proceed with charges. >> i would much rather take shots on my reputation than to put somebody down and judge them before an entire investigation has taken place. >> but many employers take action and put workers on unpaid leave when they face a criminal investigation. in fact calls for a minimum 6 game ban for domestic violence but makes no mention of a player having to be convicted. >> it looks like there may be a double standard in as much as the -- has now -- it hasn't been applied uniformly. >> for ray rice severe action was only taken after a video showing him punching his fiance. the difference between mcdonald and rice is the video. >> in today's information age it's really difficult to deal with something that's caught on
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video. >> york said he doesn't want that video being lumped in with the 49ers investigation. >> we have a sense of saying you didn't do it right with ray rice right away so you need to overdo it with ray mcdonald but i think you have to be very careful not to punish somebody in a different situation than the last one and apply what happened in the last one to this one. >> york admits the ray rice situation has not been handled well. he says the league and players association need to work together to respond better in the future. live in the newsroom, ken wayne. tonight the commissioner of the nfl is speaking out for the first time following the release of that explicit video showing ray rice punching his fiance. roger giddell said no one from the nfl saw the video until
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yesterday. now with who knew what and when. >> in an interview this afternoon giddell called the video sickening but said ray rice may have the chance to play again for the nfl. >> it was tmz that released this video of ray rice knocking his fiance out cold on an elevator. hours after its release rice was cut by the ravens and suspended indefinitely by the nfl. previously rice was suspended for 2 games after a shorter clip showed him dragging her 23r the elevator. roger giddell called the longer video sickening. he said no one in the nfl had seen that part of the video until yesterday. saying we asked for anything that was pertinent but we were never granted that opportunity. when asked how tmz got the longer video giddell answered quote, we are particularly
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relied on law enforcement. that's the most tonight tmz is reporting the nfl never asked the casino for the video. also speaking out today, rice's now wife, defending her husband by taking in instagram with a quote that says in part. >> and today the financial fall out intensifies for rice. with nike severing it's endorsement deal with rice and na sports pulling it. pulled ray rice's jersey from for stores and say those who have bun can return it.
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>> commissioner said he has not ruled out the possibility of rice playing again in the future. reporting live. our cover an continues on you will find more reaction including those public comments from ray rice's wife. we are following breaking news from the east bay where search crews are looking for a missing 16-year-old boy. heather holmes is there now with a possible new clue about the teen's where abouts. >> frank, i want the give you an idea of where we are, we are on closer road. just down the hill here is where 16-year-old men lee lives and this is ground zero for the search. you can see some men and women in bright colored shirts. those are the searchers who will be heading out.
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used 6 tracking dogs earlier today to scour an area near his home. the sheriff's mobile command unit has been set up just outside of lee's home. we're right now in the midst of a shift change and a new set of searchers will soon be heading out. he is a student at catholic high school. we are told he is an excellent student and has never run away before. he was last seen on saturday after a family argument. he failed to show up for school on monday and frank and julie, he was a no show again today. tell me that lee does not have a cell phone on him. they are looking at his facebook use and someone in san francisco logged in to his facebook account but authorities don't know if it was lee himself or perhaps a friends of his. searchers are passing out these fliers, they are putting them on all the cars near his home.
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we will be following the latest on the search efforts for this 16-year-old and we'll have a full report tonight on the 10 news. live in unincorporated heyworth. a 16-year-old in san jose is recovering after being stabbed while walking home if school this afternoon. the school happened near hammond park. a neighbor called 911 just before 3:00 after a fight broke out. at least 5 people were involved. when police got there they found the victim with at least one stab wound to his upper body. right now he is listed in serious but stable condition but is expected to survive. police are looking for several suspects who took off in their cars. so far they only have vague descriptions. biologists are still trying to capture a mountain lion. they have set up 4 traps near where a boy was attacked in the
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mid peninsula region. dogs are also being used. officials say if caught it will have to be put down because it attacked a pirn. that 6-year-old boy is recovering. apple today unveiled 2 new larger i-phones and a smart watch as the latest product launch. tom looks at those new devices, their capabilities and all that apple hype. >> the new i-phone 6 and 6 of plus are larger with larger screens than the current generations as well as thinner, lighter, far faster, much sharper screens and much better cameras that experts say a land rush business starting next week. >> very strong upgrade cycle. there's a bunch of people out there with 5s and 4ss that are going to be upgrading. >> it is the next chapter in
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apple's story. >> the apple watch is a remarkably clever bio metric based computer with every application imaginable. making already existing smart watches obsolete. >> there are many smart watches already on the market but is this the one that changes everything? >> it's dramatically more significant product because there's such a huge portfolio of applications. >> at a starting price of $349 it will be available next year. >> apple has done such a significant job they may actually have a 2 year lead on the rest of the guys. >> apple also announced for both devices apple pay a highly secure way to pay. you wave your watch and it gives a code giving a store or restaurant no other personal information to be stolen. whether in person or online it
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provides all the needed purchase in the wink of an eye. >> i think consumers are going to like that level of security and the ease of use to make that happen. >> any current apple 5 owner can get apple pay, too. during the apple event today u2 and lead singer bono performed a new song for the first time in 5 years. then came the announcement, the u-tune -- that makes the u2 album the largest release in music history and will be available free to any i-tune subscriber until late next month. approved a $1.2 million for muny vehicles.
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with the german company see means who provided these of what the -- will look like. 260 trains will be lighter and more durable. a city audit found the aging fleet is unreliable with trains breaking down every 600 miles on average. >> the fleet right now is an embarrassment to our city. and it is impacting negatively riders every single day of the week. it is impacting our economy. it is impacting our quality of life. it is pushing people into their cars. >> although the board approved the contract the deal is not totally funded. it includes several phases expected to roll out over 15 years. the first trains are expected to be in service by the ends of 2016. family members mark the spot where a young woman was shot and killed by police. the lawsuit they are filing now and the 911 recording they say proves officers acted aggressively. counting the costs. we are getting a clearer
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police in barkley say a man was found dead in a parking lot downtown but the cause of his death is a mystery. officers were called to blake street near shaddock avenue. the man was lying on the ground unresponsive and was pronounced dead at the scene. there was no obvious sign of trauma to his body. the coroner will now have to determine the cause of death. and a work crew made a horrifying discovery this morning. they found a decomposed body face down in a lake. the body was discovered in mallard lake on the southern part of the lake.
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the medical examiner is trying to determine the person's cause of death. so far there is no word on the person's gerundser or whether a crime was committed. new developments tonight involving the shooting after young woman back in june by a san mateo sheriff's deputy. today the family released a video. >> she's following the cop with a knife. she just got shot. >> that was the brother of 18- year-old -- who had called 911. he didn't report an emergency but said his sister who suffers from credits freon i can't was -- skits freon i don't was fighting with her parents when men true arrived at the scene she came at him with a kitchen knife. today the family announced they are filing a lawsuit against
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the sheriff's office. >> they not only killed i can't neat a, they killed the entire family and the goal is to prevent any other family from suffering this kinds of pain. >> he created the threat. he created the emergency, he created the danger. >> last month a san mateo district attorney cleared that deputy of any wrongdoing saying his life was in danger and despite him knowing she suffered from mental illness the incident happened too quickly for him to respond. $80 million, that's the estimated cost of the damage to the wine industry at napa after the earthquake last month and that number could still go even higher. as alley rasmus explains some of the smaller family wineries were hit hard and they are still in the process of assessing the damage. >> when part of your livelihood is tangled up in a mess like
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this. >> we don't know how many. >> counting up your losses can take time. >> still getting the final tallies. it's been a couple of weeks for them getting the barrels. >> making wine has been a 20 year labor of love for jill and steve. >> we are a tiny boot straps winery. >> they sell about 4000 cases a year online and to restaurants. they lease land to grow grapes and store their wine. >> that's when a lot of small producers do. trying to make it happen is much as we can. >> 20% of their 2013 red wine inventory was destroyed on august 24th. worth about a quality of a million dollars. >> -- quality of quarter of a million dollars. >> banks wine division said the wine sympathy lost $100
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million. >> this napa valley is some of the most expensive wine in the world. >> putting a dollar figure is one of the first steps to getting funding. >> but there is no time line on when or if that money will come through. they know there are a lot of people worse off. >> there are a lot of farm workers, restaurant workers. it's not the rich fancy place that people think. it's a very strong working class. >> so they have turned to the trade they know to try to help creating a new wine. the funds from it will go to the community helping people. an exclusive new ktvu poll says most people support a -- to make improvements to the water system. 52% of voters say they will approve proposition 1, it will
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authorize the state to spends -- million dollars in bonds to pay for in extra structure. 27% say they will vote no and 21% are undecided. governor brown says it is needed to plan for drought years like this one. just another. >> bill martin in the weather center now with just how hot it's going to get. >> it would be nice to get some rain. we showed you those pictures. they got 6 inches of rain dob down in arizona in just a few hours. no rain in our forecast, temperatures today warm. as julie mentioned they got up a good 10 degrees. it was cool yesterday. that's part of how that happened. 80 in napa today. highs tomorrow come up another 5 degrees or so. so here's what we have got. you will see the fog right along the coast and that's exactly what you would expect. out going to fill in tonight
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and it's going to get where it was this morning but with a pretty rapid burn off. highs today -- current temperatures right now, 82 in liver more. highs today were quite a bit warmer. overnight lows tonight a little warmer as well. up in the north they might be getting numbers into the lower 40s. overnight lows would be more what you would expect, upper 50s. currently in san jose it is 71 degrees. san francisco at 75. tomorrow san francisco start off foggy but by late in the day, by 4:00 you have got sunny conditions and temperatures about 70 degrees. so not that dissimilar to what we had today. fog will be there in the morning hours. then the temperatures increase so the reds are 90s and you see how they all came this way. so this temperature profile i'm showing you is much warmer than
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we have seen the past couple of days. the next couple of days is going to look like this. we have a lot more 90s, 90 in san hell even a, 95 up in clear lake. mid-90s in the liver more valley. 92 in morgan hill. 93 in gilroy, then along the coast it's foggy but a little bit of sunshine and you will see in pacifica, the sea surface temperatures are pretty warm and that's allowing temperatures to be warmer than you would expect for this time of year. 5 day forecast, keeps things pretty warm around here. pressure fires, it's that time of year you have got to worry. thank you, bill. the as are in chicago looking to get back in the win column. they have just fallen off a clip. and the giants return to at&t park for a huge home stand. mark is coming up next with sports.
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mark is here now. boy do the as need a win tonight. >> it's nice to talk about them being ahead rather than all the sky is falling talk that we've had nothing but of it seems like the last couple of months.
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back in chicago they lost that heart breaker last night. the guy, john luster spent a figure in that trade. he's looking pretty good in the 4th inning. and in the 4th inning they scratch out and i do mean scratch out a couple of runs. one on a ground and the other on this marcus bad throw to first. run in, groundser is productive as it turns outand we do have 2- 0as with john lester working in the 4th inning. giants begin a home stand and it's the d backs in town tonight and a couple of things working for them. they are very much in the race. and 3 1/2 back of the dodgers and the other good news brandon bell working out prior to tonight's game. of course he suffer from concussion like symptoms. in fact they average 5.8 runs per game on the road trip.
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manager knows he needs more of that and for them to establish winning ways at home. >> been doing a good job getting runs on the board and that's what out going to take. but it's always good to be home and we had a good home stand last time and hopefully that's something we can build on. >> full highlights tonight at so you. meantime on to the semifinals in basketball. seth curry and team usa. irving of the cavs, go to step curry and more golden state warrior activity here as you will see derek rose with a perfect up top alley-oop for clay thompson. he lead with 20 points. 119-76, it is team usa rolling on to the semifinals.
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that's the sporting life and both giants and as highlights tonight at 10:00. they are like steam roller. thongs thanks, mark. the very latest on that teenager that has been missing saturday. we are speaking with investigators about the search and what led them to where they are now. the story and much more tonight at 10:00. have a great night everyone. thanks for joining us. good night.
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